3 Simple tools for creating a website fast

Having a website for your business may seem obvious to some, nonetheless it turns out a lot more than 50 percent of U.S. smaller businesses still don’t have a good basic website. To numerous customers, your presence on the internet is their first impression of your business. It must be critical to possess a website that showcases who you are and everything you do.

In the event that you haven’t created a website yet, these three simple tools will help you bring your online business — where in fact the customers are — so that you can keep doing everything you do best:

1. Google’s ‘Get Your Business Online’ Google is making a nationwide push to encourage small-business owners to make a digital presence. The business has generated an online toolkit for website creation and is holding events in cities around the united states offering free face-to-face training.

On GYBO.com you can select a custom domain name and choose a simple site design from among a bunch of templates, which Google says are fully customizable. Then it’s only a matter of adding content, as well as your site is ready because of its first visitor.

Who should utilize it: Companies who don’t possess coding skills and aren’t likely to hire a website developer. The templates are of help and, with Google hosting your website, you need to be less susceptible to experiencing outages because of server issues.

Costs: Google provides website creation tools and hosts your site free for just one year. From then on, your domain name and hosting cost a complete of $7 monthly.

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2. Homestead Homestead offers website creation, hosting and basic analytics together in a straightforward template-based format. Website designs are industry-specific, meaning once you have selected a design, it includes generic images and content linked to your industry baked in. From there you can either upload your own graphics — including a logo — or pick from Homestead’s library of 250,000 images.

When you publish the web site, you’ll receive a custom domain name and business email. You’ll also manage to track visitor statistics and make other changes once you want.

Who should utilize it: Since customization options are limited, Homestead could be best for entrepreneurs whose main purpose for having a website is to draw customers right into a brick-and-mortar store instead of to keep them on the website itself.

Costs: The package is $5 monthly after a 30-day trial offer.

3. LaunchRock Unlike various other tools, LaunchRock doesn’t supply you with a full-on website. Instead, it can benefit you build an eye-catching "launching soon" page to market your upcoming business. You can post updates on the launch page, which integrates easily with major social media sites to help you keep everyone in your network apprised of your progress.

It also lets you start collecting email addresses and commence sending out e-newsletters to potential customers.

Who should utilize it: Startups with a thrilling business concept that are looking to launch with a considerable user base, and also established businesses that are looking to create buzz for a fresh service or product.

Costs: There is absolutely no cost for creating a LaunchRock page, and all of the existing features are absolve to use. The LaunchRock team is focusing on paid premium add-ons.

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