5 Emerging tech hubs from all over the world

Silicon Valley isn’t the only place for tech startups to launch and thrive. Successful startups are growing out of every major region of the world. Although these cities aren’t renowned for his or her clusters of hopeful tech entrepreneurs, they hold new opportunities for all those seeking to get in the startup game.

Here are five great emerging cities for tech startups, each from a different global region:

Most widely known as the ancient city holy to vast amounts of people all over the world, Jerusalem has experienced a reawakening and will be offering an extraordinary mixture of history and modernity not found elsewhere on the world.

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The town has turned into a flourishing center for biomed, cleantech, Internet/mobile startups, accelerators, investors and supporting providers. There is a good group called Manufactured in Jerusalem, which connects and resources for the neighborhood startup ecosystem.

Furthermore, Hebrew University, a high research university, and other colleges, can be found in Jerusalem, ensuring a reliable pipeline of local talent.

Not forgetting, transplants and commuters from nearby Tel Aviv, widely considered the next most significant tech hub on the planet, has contributed to a ripe atmosphere of innovation in Jerusalem. The ancient city today isn’t just abundant with history, but is filled with promise and creativity for future years.

Scandinavia might not be the first place that involves mind when considering startups, but Stockholm has emerged as a center for technology and innovation.

The positioning is fantastic for expanding to London and other areas of Europe as a business grows. That’s just what Spotify, the music streaming service, did. The business was founded in Stockholm by Daniel Ek, and quickly branched out to Europe and finally all of those other world.

Stockholm can be home to multiple universites and colleges, like the Royal Institute of Technology, among Scandinavia’s largest higher learning institutions specialized in tech. With a reliable blast of college graduates in the region, budding tech companies will get skilled talent.

A fresh California tech hub keeps growing beyond your Silicon Valley. Santa Monica, bordered by LA, attracts droves of teenagers using its beautiful beaches, sunny weather and hip vibe. With an influx of adults, the city has turned into a real center for tech.

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Nicknamed Silicon Beach, the region is home to a far more glamorous generation of startups that tend to be linked to entertainment and celebrities. To assist growth, startup accelerators including Launchpad and StartEngine can be found in the region.

Buenos Aires may be the hotspot for startups in Latin America. In 2013, 9,998 business were launched in the town, according to startup accelerator Startup Buenos Aires. The business provides resources for connecting and support local startups. The cultured and sophisticated city, categorised as the Paris of SOUTH USA, is a hub for creative and ambitious individuals.

The town has a low priced of living and a higher percentage of university students and graduates. As a bonus, the town is in once zone with many cities in the U.S., which will make management and processes easier for American founders.

From HSBC to Dana Holding Corp to Barclave, Pune, India, houses the organization tech centers of top companies. The town was highlighted as an emerging locale for this companies in Mercer’s Quality of Living Rankings 2015. Call centers and young professionals are loaded in the region, and startups will be the logical next step. The town is near tech-hub Mumbai and houses several colleges.

Successful startups such as for example Druva Software and IntouchApp have gotten their begin in Pune, and more are joining the ranks.

Thinking beyond your startup location box may bring new ideas, insights and opportunities to growing tech businesses.

What do you consider? What exactly are the most promising new areas for tech startups? Tell us in the comments section below.

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