Great britain: johnson tightened corona measures

The British government recently reported thousands of newly infected people daily. Is the kingdom facing another lockdown? Premier Johnson announced a curfew for pubs. Further restrictions could follow.

The number of corona cases in England has been increasing for days. The British government is now reacting to this and tightening the measures for the population: pubs and restaurants are to close by 10 p.m. at the latest on Thursday, and only table service will be allowed.

In some regions of northern and central England, such restrictions in the catering sector are already in place. The new nationwide measures are necessary to "keep the rise in virus cases under control," said a government spokesman.

Johnson apparently wants more people in the home office

The regulations are part of a new package of measures against the corona virus that Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to present today. According to a report in the newspaper "The Telegraph", he calls on his compatriots to work more from the home office again.

"Nobody underestimates the challenges the new measures mean for companies and individuals," said the government. However, everything must be done to stabilize the health system.

Situation worsens – heightened alert level

In the past few days, the authorities in England reported 3,500 to 4,000 new cases almost every day, and the number of infections doubled within seven days. Most recently, the chief medical officers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland raised the official Covid-19 alert level from three to the second-highest level, four. This means that the virus is generally circulating and is spreading rapidly. The number of cases rose "quickly and probably exponentially," the experts noted. If the virus continues to spread unhindered at the same pace, the UK could count almost 50,000 cases a day in mid-October, government advisors warn.

The top physician in England, Chris Whitty, compared the situation with that in Spain and France, where the number of new corona infections doubles about every seven days. He urged the population to adhere to the rules of distance. "This is not anyone’s problem. This is the problem of all of us," he said. 

Easings in July

As the number of cases increased, the UK had tightened its restrictions. So people are not allowed to meet in large groups. However, the measures are not yet as strict as in March, when a nationwide lockdown with restrictions on freedom of movement and company closings was imposed. The lockdown measures were relaxed in June when the number of corona cases decreased.

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