Great britain: storm "dennis" brings floods

"Ciara" is followed by "Dennis": Another storm in Great Britain caused severe flooding. In England the authorities issued hundreds of warnings. In the south of Wales the highest level of alert was at times.

For the second weekend in a row, Great Britain was hit by severe storms. In England, storm "Dennis" broke a sad record with around 600 flood warnings. Never before have so many warnings been issued in a single day in the UK, according to the Environment Agency.

The authorities have now classified the situation in parts of Wales as life-threatening. Helicopters and rubber dinghies brought people out of their flooded homes. In the small town of Pontypridd, cars were hardly to be seen in the water.

Wind speeds of 150 kilometers per hour have been measured in Aberdaron in southern Wales. Due to heavy rainfall, the weather service for the region temporarily called a red alert. There, as much rain fell on a dam within 24 hours as it normally did in more than a month. Several villages have been evacuated in the Gwent district.

In the village of Ystradgynlais, a man fell into a river and drowned. The exact circumstances are still unclear – but the police said they did not assume the storm was the direct cause.

Hundreds of flights canceled

Numerous train routes and roads were closed because of "Dennis". Hundreds of flights were canceled. Tens of thousands of passengers on the Easyjet airline were affected, and British Airways had to cancel a number of flights.

In addition to Wales and England, parts of Scotland were also affected. Helpers were able to free the occupants of a vehicle floating in the water at the last minute. The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency called on all residents on the border between Scotland and England to move to safety from floods.

Two people were discovered lifeless on Saturday in the rough seas on the south-east coast of England. In one case, the police now assume that the storm had nothing to do with death. The other man had fallen into the sea from a tanker. In the English seaside resort of Brighton, police were looking for a young woman who said that eyewitnesses had seen early morning on the beach on their way into the water.

Just a week ago, storm "Ciara" Significant damage done in Britain. Since "Ciara" had already caused floods and extremely wet soils, the experts now feared greater damage. Soldiers helped the exhausted residents of Calderdale, northern England, who were still suffering from the damage from the last storm.

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